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Newtonstein Launches Next Generation Smart Shaker - The Intelishake

Posted on 24 July 2014

The fitness industry was shaken up this week with the launch of the all new Intelishake sports bottle. Designed by forward thinking product design group Newtonstein, the product is made up of three interchangeable compartments for the ultimate in workout functionality. Cool, clever and inherently convenient, the patent pending product rolls hydration, nutrition and personal storage into one ultra-stylish shaker. 


Dr. P. Patel, inventor & president said, “At Newtonstein, we’re all about thinking outside the box and coming up with exciting new ideas that push the boundaries of conventional products. The Intelishake is our latest stroke of genius and is designed to help fitness buffs get organized, stay on trend and make the most out of every workout.”


The Intelishake features three individual compartments, each with its own unique function. The top compartment is designed to store liquids such as juices, protein drinks and smoothies. A specially engineered shaker spring sits in the center of the top cylinder to ensure liquids are thoroughly mixed. Bringing up the rear is a compact lower compartment ideal for storing capsules, pills, dry protein powder and any other small substances. But what really sets the Intelishake apart from other multi compartment sports bottles is the integration of a third middle compartment.  Spacious and protective, it’s the perfect place to stash everyday exercise essentials such as a mobile phone, credit cards, keys and energy bars. For workouts that call for a more compact bottle, the middle compartment can be easily removed to create a sleeker, more lightweight design.

While some sports shakers are difficult to sip on, Intelishake engineers have created a functional easy drink spout that is simply rotated and elevated to release liquid and pressed down to stop the flow. As well as making hydration effortlessly easy, the intelligent design also prevents any leaks or spills while in storage.

A series of soft touch colored rings with laser burned icons not only enhance grip but also add to the aesthetic value of the fashion forward sports bottle. Colored rings can be swapped in order to customize the product and create unique combinations that complement dress sense, personality and workout environment. From coordinated gym outfits to partisan team colors, the Intelishake adds a flawless finishing touch to any fitness look.


Boasting innovative design and premium quality materials, the Intelishake sets a new standard for the sports shaker industry. With dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe credentials, the ground-breaking product has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the busy lives of contemporary fitness enthusiasts.

The Intelishake is currently retailing on the Newtonstein website for the special introductory price of just $24.99. Buyers can pre-order and choose from seven eye catching colors including Grasshopper Green, Flamingo Pink and Bumblebee Yellow.

To find out more about the Intelishake and the innovative Newtonstein group, visit the website at:




About Intelishake: Developed by Newtonstein, the Intelishake is an exciting new product designed to offer sports enthusiasts unmatched functionality and style. Three interchangeable compartments can be mixed and matched to create a custom exercise bottle that perfectly suits the needs of each individual user. 


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