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Ground-breaking New Concept Hits Juice And Shaker Market - The Intelishake

Posted on 03 September 2014

A progressive product design, development and invention group has pushed the boundaries of sports drink bottles with the launch of an exciting new product called Intelishake. Defined by its three interchangeable compartments, Newtonstein’s innovative product allows users to mix and match cylinders to create a customized bottle that complements individual needs. Blending fashion with functionality, the Intelishake is set to emerge as a must have accessory for any fitness fanatic.


As a group of self-confessed ‘crazies’ it comes as no surprise that Newtonstein was the first company to put a fun and colorful spin on the conventional sports bottle. The ingenious Intelishake features three interchangeable compartments that can be unscrewed and reassembled in order to build a bespoke bottle design. From tall and functional to sleek and compact, Intelishake is all about catering to the exact needs of its user.


Snehal, Inventory & Vice President said, “With the Intelishake, we really wanted to create a unique product that made fitness easier and more enjoyable than ever. After months of planning, we’ve developed a unique workout companion that keeps users hydrated, organized and on-trend.”


Capping the design is a top compartment for storing water, juices, smoothies and protein shakes. A removable shaker spring is also included to ensure frothy shakes and silky smooth juices with minimal exertion. At the base is a small compartment which is perfect for stashing pills, protein powder and supplements. While these features are seen in other competing products, no sports bottle offers users a third compartment specially designed to house everyday personal items such as car keys, credit cards, cash or a mobile phone. Without the presence of a gym locker, these are items that must be carried while working up a sweat outdoors. Rather than storing them in pockets or be bulky backpacks, Intelishake allows users to stash essentials in a place that is safe and secure.


A unique sip spout makes drinking fast, easy and spill free. Users simply lift for a thirst quenching hit and press down for a leak free seal. Every product comes with three soft touch colored rings featuring branded laser burned icons. As well as offering users an improved grip, these can also be interchanged to create a customized Intelishake bottle that reflects individual style. With seven vibrant colors including Techno Orange and Dragon Teal, the bottles are a fail-safe way to make a fashion statement at the gym, pool, track or any other fitness environment. 


With BPA free, DEHP free and food grade approved credentials, Intelishake users are given complete peace of mind that they are not ingesting any harmful chemicals or toxins. Furthermore, the dishwasher safe design makes the product perfect for busy lifestyles.


To find out more about the all new Intelishake from the Newtonstein group, visit the website at:




About Intelishake: Developed by Newtonstein, the Intelishake is an exciting new product designed to offer sports enthusiasts unmatched functionality and style. Three interchangeable compartments can be mixed and matched to create a custom exercise bottle that perfectly suits the needs of each individual user. 


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