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The Intelishake Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted on 10 September 2014

Newtonstein is about to launch our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring the Intelishake into production.

Crowdfunding is an excellent way for small and medium-sized companies to raise funds for any purpose – to provide capitalization, or for research and design, production, and marketing.

Crowdfunding benefits both the company and the backers.

Backers receive access to new products sometimes months before the general public, and they often get these products for a substantial discount. In addition, backers get the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped the owners of a small company succeed in its dreams.

The company benefits because it is able to gather funds without having to go through all the rigmarole of attempting to get a bank loan – a difficult thing to do for most companies in today’s poor economic climate.

The Crowdfunding Capitalization Model is the latest fund-raising model used by small and medium sized companies, and it has been very successful.

Newtonstein will use this crowdfunding model in order to bring all of its inventions to market.

We are starting with our very first invention, the Intelishake!

We’ve blogged about the Intelishake quite a few times recently, as we’re quite proud of it and quite excited about its potential in the market.

Follow along with us on the journey to carve out a market niche for the Intelishake smart sports bottle!


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