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Newtonstein's INTELISHAKE - Almost ready for launch in UK stores!

Posted on 21 December 2014

As our production kicks off, get ready for Intelishake and place an order on our website to receive it in the post, or look out for it in all major sports outlets in the UK, Middleast and US.

The Intelishake is a “smart” sports bottle. The top compartment is your typical drinks compartment – perfect for water, juices, smoothies and protein shakes. A removable shaker spring is included to ensure frothy shakes and silky smooth juices with minimal exertion.

Beneath the drinks compartment is a dry storage department for your keys, or a protein bar, or something of that nature.

At the base is a small compartment which is perfect for stashing pills, protein powder and supplements.

The Intelishake also has a unique sip spout which makes drinking fast, easy and spill free. Users simply lift for a thirst quenching hit and press down for a leak free seal.

Each Intelishake comes with three soft touch, colored rings featuring branded laser burned icons. These rings provide an improved grip, and can also be interchanged to create a customized Intelishake bottle that reflects individual style.

The Intelishake comes in seven vibrant colors including Techno Orange and Dragon Teal, and is BPA free, DEHP free and food grade approved.

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